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Your first pair of Ruby Shoos

We recently asked you on Facebook, which Ruby Shoos were your first pair. We had lots of different responses, some people's first pairs dating back to SS14 and others who are newbies from AW20 but the most common answer was EVA. So what does this style of Shoo say about you?

“Fashion experts say that heels convey confidence and are often worn by women with great taste. Women wearing flashy heels can be seen as being materialistic and high maintenance. But fashion experts believe that they're usually hardworking girl bosses who are determined and self-driven.”

We completely agree with this, our Ruby Shoo lovers are definitely girl bosses but it makes you think, do you choose your heel type based on your personality? Can your heel shape represent you as a person? Below are my views on what each heel type says about a person. Let me know in the comments if you agree!

Stiletto heel: This is the boss of all heels and the woman wearing them means business! She is head strong and knows what she wants, she is stylish and also likes to stand out.

Louis heel: The fancy heel type with a vintage twist, worn by a classy lady who takes pride in her style and doesn’t like to follow the crowd.

Block heel: The heel type that looks fabulous with a little more stability. Block heels are worn by ladies that work hard but play hard too.

Kitten heel: Comfy but cute, and this is what the wearers of kitten heels are going for. Putting their comfort first, women who wear kitten heels are ready to take on anything whilst looking good too.

So… which heel type are you?

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