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Ruby Shoo is committed to all new products being vegan

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Ruby Shoo is now vegan?

Ruby Shoo is proud to announce that from now on every product we make will be Vegan.  The last few years have seen a huge shift in both the footwear industry and general population.  Many consumers now want to know that animals have not suffered for their 'pretty things' and Ruby Shoo have invested time and money into sourcing the best Vegan materials available. We are now satisfied that the Vegan alternatives that we have developed are both functional, practical, and beautiful , as well as ethical, and so we have committed to using only non-animal derived products on every item we make.  

So what is a vegan shoe made from?

Vegan shoes are made from a variety of synthetic fabrics. Our vegan leather is made from high grade polyurethane (PU) , a type of plastic that is bonded to a cotton backing.  The 'plastic' look that used to be associated with such materials is now long-gone. Harpersbazaar explains that vegan leather has come on leaps and bounds over the past few decades, meaning that well-made vegan-leather products can often be mistaken for the real thing. Our vegan leather often features textures like croc effect, patent and snake.  This gives an expensive look without having to use an animal product.  Our vegan suede is made from microfibre synthetic fabric.  This is dyed at the same time as our bags so that it is a perfect match.  We are known for our classic styles  ChrissieLynnJosie and Melinda - the go to Block Colours that work with the floweriest of dresses or craziest of prints, and these are all made from our special lace adorned microfibre that feels luxurious and come in a fabulous range of colours suitable for all occasions.  

What about the prints?

It's all about the prints on our signature lace up bootie Willow, our scalloped bar shoe Danica, low heeled beauties Gillian and Imelda and our best-selling T-bar with platform Valerie.  From florals to geometrics in every colour of the rainbow.  Our fabrics are bonded to a hardwearing backing that ensures that they keep their shape and have longevity.  These fabrics are not, nor ever have been, animal derived.  Some of our pre-2021 styles, however, did feature a stacked leather heel.  

I'm not vegan, why would I wear vegan shoes?

It's true, not everyone is vegan.  But we believe that those who are vegan deserve the same fabulous Ruby Shoo footwear choices as everybody else!  Vogue reported that “vegan” products have increased by 258 per cent across the UK and US in 2019 and this has only gone up since.  With most of us keen to think about the environmental impact of our fashion choices it is also worth noting that The Environmental Profit & Loss, a sustainability report developed in 2018 by Kering states that the impact of vegan-leather production can be up to a third lower than real leather.

So are my shoos going to be more expensive now they are vegan?

In a 2021 study by The Vegan Society called The Rise of Vegan Fashion 73.5% of respondents said they would be willing to pay more for plant-based leather compared to animal leather.  You will be pleased to know, however, that we will not be passing on any price increases to the consumer.



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