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A Shoe Lover's problem.... Too Many? OR MORE STORAGE!

It gets to that point in the summer season when I begin to day dream about my winter wardrobe. Something we all do right?! It’s that in between bit, not knowing what to wear for the weather. You’re hot you're cold, you're cold then hot. That’s the point I find myself thinking about wrapping up in cosy layers and popping on my winter Boots!

Day Dreaming your Wardrobe

So, there I am, driving up the M6, daydreaming the arrival of the Ruby Shoo AW21 collection (due soon). Thinking I'll finally be able to wear the boots, rather than look at the one right foot I've had my eye on for months!! I tell you, it's been teasing me from my sample bag for far too long now. I'm thinking what I'm going to wear with them, is it going to be a skirt and tights, or am I going to go skinny black jeans, but then ohhh I do like the wide leg trouser look that Jenna Coleman totally rocked in her role as Marie-Andree Leclerc in the serpent. Just fabulous!

The Shoe Storage Problem

That's when it hit me …………… WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT THEM, ALL MY SHOES??!!! I’m already well and truly out of shoe storage space, and I don’t just have my eye on one pair!

My wardrobe attacks me every time I open the door, the hallway baskets are bursting, the stairs become a health hazard from time to time and let's not mention the boxes piled up on the landing. A concept I guess any shoe lover can get on board with. Oh, and my spare bed no longer exists, it’s now a couple of Ikea Kallax shelving units on their side, stuffed full of Ruby Shoos with a mattress on top, and my garage, well, let’s just say it’s no place for a Man!

Marie Kondo Action

Action was required!! My Initial thought was I needed a shoe clear out. Hhhhmmm…….. Have you ever tried sorting through your much loved shoe Collection? Obviously to make way for more. Well, I began Marie Kondo Style. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organising consultant and author, who even has her own Netflix show helping families declutter and reorganise their homes. I set to work. Pulling out all of my Ruby Shoo, I made a huge pile! Does it "spark joy" I asked myself....... Yep, Yep, Yep, Game Over, I didn't part with a single pair! The only thoughts were, "if I could only get my hands on that same pair again, I may buy myself a fresh pair".

I then found myself searching the web for helpful ways to sort out your wardrobe. I came across a flow chart that asked questions to help you determine whether or not you should keep said items in your closet or not. Lets just say I failed miserably, and I'm quite certain my shoes multiplied whilst lying around, as I seem to have even more dotted around than ever before.

Given that, I'm pretty certain there is no such thing as too many shoes!! Only not enough storage space!! So, if only to make you feel a little better, take a look at our very own Ruby Shoo "Sort out your Shoes" flow chart. If nothing else it serves the purpose, you're not alone, I can't clear out my shoes either!!

I sense an evening or two on Pinterest searching Shoe storage solutions upon me...... Do you have any genius storage solutions for your Ruby Shoo, Shoes and bags? I'd love to see!

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