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Shoo talk: Lois J Elise


You may have seen this lovely lady on our social media channels or on her own Instagram. We recently caught up with Lois, a body positive, vintage-influenced fashion stylist from London and, not to mention, Ruby Shoo wearer, to talk all things vintage and Ruby Shoo.

Lois co-runs ‘Beret Nice Berets’ a small business that creates all-natural luxury beret and fedora hats, as well as being a model and stylist. Her interest in vintage style began when she was a teenager, having grown up in the 2000’s she told us she felt that fashion wasn’t something she could be a part of because there was only one prominent body type and style that seemed desirable around that time.


“All that changed as I spent more time with my grandfather, who was a huge fan of the golden age of Hollywood and introduced me to all the great Hollywood stars.” Lois took a strong interest in actress and singer, Marlene Dietrich. “I have a deeper voice and have always been more ‘masculine’ in my interests, so seeing this glamorous woman who had these characteristics too being absolutely unapologetic about it, deeply inspired me.”

How do you best express yourself?
“Absolutely through my clothing! The wonderful thing about a vintage wardrobe is that you have all of history as your dressing up box.” Lois describes that on different days she likes to express different parts of her personality. “One day I might want to look like a 50s Hollywood star like Marilyn Monroe, another day I might wear a suit like Marlene Dietrich, another day I might want to mix eras for a more modern, quirky look that is still ‘me’.”

Are there any must-have key pieces of clothing/shoes you will be sporting through the Summer?
“Sun protection is very important to me – a good sun hat, a classic pair of retro sunglasses and of course SPF.” Lois tells us how she’s looking forward to wearing her favourite 1940’s style sailor jumpsuit when the sun comes out. In the Summer, Lois likes to travel into the city and says she opts for comfortable but stylish shoes. “There are so many examples from my Ruby Shoo collection which are perfect for this, but I’ve got my eye on the new GIGI loafers, they look so comfy but cute and I love the fun pastel colours!”

How and when did you first come across Ruby Shoo?
“I first came across Ruby Shoo when I saw a very glamorous lady at Henley Regatta wearing a pair – she was wearing a navy and white polka dot swing dress with a pair of Ruby Shoos to match. (I think they may possibly have been Valeries or a similar style looking at your current collection!) – I had to ask her about them, and she told me about the brand, being sure to emphasise it was ‘Shoo’ with two O’s! I went on the website and immediately fell in love!”


What’s your favourite style from our SS22 range?
“I adore all your SS22 styles but I have a definite soft spot for PEYTON and matching bag TOLEDO in black and white. These are in such a classic colour scheme (black, white, and bold red!) that will pair well with so many different colour palettes and styles and are such practical pieces too. I’m a great believer in ‘cost per wear’ and I know I will wear these pieces over and over again in so many different ways!

How do shoes make you feel?
Lois reminds us of the quote by Bette Midler “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – “shoes can absolutely set the tone for your outfit and your day and elevate something quite simple to something truly spectacular” she says. “Ruby Shoo are excellent for this as they are such elegant statement pieces while also being very comfortable! I love to walk tall in my shoes and feel confident in my skin, that I’m wearing something that shows my personality. Even on a down day, looking down to see a favourite pair of shoes can bring a smile to your face, and it’s always so lovely when a kind stranger has something nice to say about them.”





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