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The want to know History of 3 iconic Ruby Shoo Heels

Haven’t we all got it… that dress in the wardrobe, the skirt or the cardigan that just stands the test of time, and then with a little accessorising magic, it’s the height of fashion once again?

Here at Ruby Shoo we like a little nostalgia in our shoes which gives them that timeless edge. There are however some that just keep on giving…..

I’d like to introduce you to 3 iconic Ruby Shoo heels. Known to us as the 903, the Eva and the Louis Heel.

If you’re already an avid wearer of Ruby Shoo take a look at your shoe collection, and I bet you’ll have a number of these iconic heel shapes sitting proudly on your shoe rack….. and no doubt that number will just keep on growing!

Read on to find out some fun statistics.

The 903 - A shapely stiletto

This beauty has been with us since day one. Launching in the Summer of 2011 the 903 heel made up the entire Spring Summer 2011 Collection. The collection consisted of 10 Shoes in 3 styles. Bardot, Monroe and Streep.

The 90mm shapely stiletto has since featured in every collection going forward. This Autumn Winter 21 collection will be no different with the 903 heel offering up some timeless shoe boots and stylish Mary Janes. The 903 Heel has seen a whopping 276 variations in it's time to date.

The Eva Heel

Not quite the technical name for this heel, but we just cant get away from calling this shoe by its launch name here at Ruby Shoo. It was the Autumn Winter of 2013 that saw the launch of Eva, and it’s still an absolute classics in my humble opinion!! A 90mm round heel and slim 8mm platform make up this a Ruby Shoo Classic. The Eva heel has featured in 17 seasons and counting and has seen 58 variations!

The Louis Heel

Spring Summer 2016 saw the launch of the Louis Heel. Celia in Black and also Gold were the first shoe of its kind, and ohhh my……. the first time I saw this heel I fell in Love. I knew it would be my go to!

At 80mm high and a shape that almost mimics that of the 903 with a larger heel tip. It’s perfect for walking around town carrying around my Ruby Shoo sample bags. I cannot wait to get my AW21 Boots delivered from the up coming Collection!! I've had my eyes on them for far too long now!

The Louis heel has featured in 12 collections and has seen a total 92 variations

Do you have a favourite Ruby Shoo Heel? I'd love to know. Share below.

Ohhh, now I'm wishing I had all the Ruby Shoo heels in front of me to pick my 2nd and 3rd choice. Making a note for a future Blog.... All the heels of Ruby Shoo!

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