Discover the comfort of Indulgence by Ruby Shoo ...

  • Five Layers of Indulgence
  • Flexible Outer sole
  • Rigid arch support
  • Stability Inner sole
  • I-Memory foam layer
  • Contoured Instock
  • Style with matching bags

If you are looking for heels to wear all day, you have come to the right place.


We would like to introduce you to our new and fabulous Indulgence footwear collection. Indulgence is a new concept in fashion heels with a focus on comfort and wearability.

The concept was designed and developed through our consumer research. We learned that women are often  put off buying heels, fearing that they would not be comfortable. This is exactly the problem that we wanted to address with our campaign #heelsallday.


Embrace the Power...

As part of our research, we knew that we needed to understand why women love to wear heels.

Heels make us walk and stand differently, they make us feel taller, poised and more elegant. They visually lengthen the leg and give us a deeper awareness of our posture.

We stand straighter, gain that enviable extra height and that empowering confidence.

Dressing up is an Indulgence that gives us a feel-good factor, a stunning pair of heeled shoes will make heads turn as you become the focus in the room.

Our common and quite natural perceptions often tell us not to turn to our wardrobe for a pair of heels. Ruby Shoo has turned all these negative thoughts upside down to bring you Shoos that are quirky, fun and can be worn all day.

Feel the Look...

Ultimate comfort is achieved by using five specially developed layers.

A flexible sole provides a stable base that moves with the foot. Next, we ensure that the arch of the foot is supported at the correct angle. A firm insole board give the shoes stability whilst a soft spongy insert cushions the ball of the foot.

High resistance memory foam is used to provide comfort wear after wear. A final softer memory foam insock finishes the layers of padding and contours the individual wearers foot.

The comfort padding reduces pressure on the ball of the foot to make standing, dancing, walking or whatever you are doing in your Ruby Shoos, more comfortable for longer.

Our flexible soles ensure that no matter how much life keeps you on your feet can handle it.

With the Ruby Shoo Indulgence collection, you really can wear heels all day!


Ruby Shoo Valerie Floral £60 Alberta Bag £40
Ruby Shoo Valerie Rose £60 Alberta Bag £40
Ruby Shoo Willow Pink £60 Alberta Bag £40

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